Learning is life long process & when learnt through innovative concepts, one tends to grasp things better. Cliantha's foundation is based on the employee training. We are amongst the few CROs to have a dedicated Training Department to design and deploy training content for the employees. Cliantha’s elearning system is defined by specific functions and for various competency levels. The Learning Management System is a robust learning technology, custom designed for current clinical research industry needs. The training content is deployed in short modules with animations and videos. There are provisions for online assessments and needs-based reports.

We operate with an integrated training, learning and performance support function that employs a variety of instructor-led and/or technology-enabled modules. These training modules are designed to facilitate employees’ advancement of their knowledge and skills required for effective performance as a professional.


Uniformly train all new as well as existing employees and other contractual/ consultant staff

Increase understanding and awareness of employees about working standard at Cliantha

Consistency and synchronization in the work procedure

Avoid confusion; Ensure role clarification; Minimize errors


  • E-learning system is defined by profile based training specific to each function and various competency levels
  • Targeting core competency by strategic training programs
  • Basic entry level
  • Compliance training programs
  • Training content is made in-house and deployed in short modules with animations and videos
  • Provision for online assessments and need based reports
  • Courses available for training areas like in-house systems (SOPs), regulatory guidelines (GCPs, GLPs, ICH, EMA, WHO etc.), manuals (safety, quality), site specific training
  • Study specific training programs at site level, if required


Generation of Training Content:

Approved New/ Revised SOP

Training team trained by author

Training information formulated to include process videos, documentation examples etc.

Working on content along with designing question bank, Regulatory guidelines GCPs, GLPs & other modules

Design Team converts into Training Content

Content deployment to E-learning System


New Joinee training
  • Trainer assisted one to one sessions
  • Assessment pattern: Random questions from bank; Immediate display of correct answers, on each incorrect attempt
  • Average training period ~ 15 days
Ongoing training for employees
  • Mass training sessions for revised/new SOPs, regulatory guidelines, Annual GCP/GLP; followed by assessments
  • Assessment pattern: Random questions from bank; Immediate display of correct answers, on each incorrect attempt
  • Documentation of ongoing external trainings

Training Flow

E-learning system (web-based): Controlled user access is provided to trainee through e-signatures & assigned rights by system administrator

Trainee logs into the e-learning system account crated by system administrator

Department Head assigns roles, uploads CV & Certificates

Trainee agrees & e-sign on the role assigned

Based on the assigned role, the system auto generates Training schedule: SOPs, Manuals, guidelines, Practical trainings

Department Head approves training schedule

Training is conducted through e-learning modules, followed by assessment (by designated qualified trainers)

Certificate of completion is awarded

Post successful training, candidate enrolls as an employee